Kingdom Of Nordesia


The youngest and sovereign micronation, established in 12.03.2017 by his majesty , King Ananias I, under the Montevideo Convention. Kingdom Of Nordesia is a sovereign state on the system of absolute monarchy, where the head of state and head of the international arena is the king of Ananias I. National languages are English and Polish

Since 21.03.2017 Nordesia 
has diplomatic relations with nations such as States of Sandus, Holy Empire Arcadia, Republic of Curimae and Aerican Empire. Nordesia is widely open to diplomatic relations with other nations as a future allies in the case of war.

Meaning of the colors of the national flag

Blue - symbol of trust and loyalty, as well as with wisdom and harmony.

Black - symbol of power and strength as well as with rebirth. .

White - symbol of purity, as well as with peace and innocence